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Can you wash them?

OF COURSE! Your hair is an extension of your body and like your body it gets oily and dirty. Clean dry hair dreads the best. Its a common myth that dreads are dirty or require dirt to form. Dreads that are waxy or use locking gel to form cant be washed, thats why crochet method is the best!

Should you use wax or products?

NO! Wax is not water soluble, meaning: it does not allow water to penetrate, if you try to wash your dreads and they have wax in them, you wont be able to clean out where ever wax is blocking.

Products in most cases hinder the dreading process or make your dreads shrink up so fast you lose length. dreadlocks are a journey and like all journey's they take time and patience. Crochet method dreads usually mature in 4-6 months. so sit back and enjoy the ride, we promise you wont be disappointed. :)

Can they be combed out?

Yes! Dreadlocks that are made using the Crochet Method can usually be combed out depending on how long you have had them and if you have ever used products. Most dreads that are combed out have minimal damage and return to regular hair. However this process is not easy, expect for a comb out to take 8-14 hours. The best way is to have a party and get your friends to help you. :)