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Our mission:

To make Utah cool one dreadlock at a time while offering a clean, affordable, and professional experience filled with love and understanding.

We are a "clean dreadlock" knotting business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. What are clean dreads? Clean dreads are a crochet method natural no wax or gross internet "neglect dreads" dreadlocks. Have you always wanted dreadlocks but didn't know where to start? Have you searched endlessly on the internet to try and find some way of doing natural clean dreadlocks? Well... now there is a solution "Salt Lake City Dreadlock Shop" can give you dreads in Salt Lake City, Utah. Finally a way to have dreads that are clean and healthy without sticky waxes or residue leaving products. We use an  Asian method called the "crochet method" were we back comb then "crochet" your dreads into place. Then your dread journey begins. -Jon Tyszko & Heaven Tyszko (dread givers) by appointment only-801-824-8298

Your locticians:

Dreadlock loctician: Heaven Tyszko

Age: 34

Experience: 7 years

Heaven has had dreadlocks twice in her life the first being 3 ½ years and the current set. She has 7 years’ experience crocheting, separating, wrapping, styling and cleansing dreadlocks. Heaven loves her family, the outdoors, tattoos, animals and dreadlocks. Heaven loves to educate others on how to properly care for their dreadlocks and fun new ways to style them. She was raised in Moab, Utah but loves living downtown in the city.

Dreadlock loctician: Jonathan Tyszko

Age: 36

Experience: 10+ years

Jon started out 10 years ago when a dreadlock loctician showed him how to be “heavens” personal loctician after she received dreadlocks in Portland, Oregon, and over the years developed a keen sense of how to crochet dreadlocks. He currently can crochet, separate, and maintain dreadlocks of any kind. He loves art, tattoos, photography, cooking, meeting new people and being funny. He was raised in sandy Utah and loves city life but also loves connecting with nature.

We have been doing dreads professionally for 8 years now and love every minute of it. We have saved terrible cases of neglect dreads and also started people’s journeys. One thing we love as much as dreadlocks is having personal meaningful relationships with our clients. We have been through the tough times and the great times with dreads, and we know it is a journey, but now you have a friend and a professional to help you along the way. Remember that we are appointment only and schedule your time to get some dreadlock love.